The Weekly Menu

  • Shrimp with Fingerling Potatoes

    and broccoli rabe in a light tomato, rosemary & roasted garlic broth. *gluten free

    $15 –
  • Cherry & Chipotle BBQ Chicken

    whipped sweet potatoes, cumin & lime roasted zucchini. *can be made not spicy* gluten free

    $14 –
  • Mini Asian Meatballs

    flavored with garlic, lemongrass,  gochujang and fermented black bean with five spice glaze, broccoli, cabbage, ginger & onion stir-fried Basmati rice.

    $15 –
  • Lasagna Roll Ups

    filled with spinach, wild mushrooms, low fat ricotta, mozzarella & parmesan in tomato basil sauce.

    $14 –
  • Broiled Cod topped with fresh tomato, capers

    calamata olives & basil, escarole & spinach.  *gluten free

    $15 –
  • Creamy Red Potato Soup

    with leeks, Porcini mushrooms & roasted garlic. *gluten free

    $10 –
  • Baby Greens with Feta Cheese,

    chick peas, tomato, olives, cucumber, red onion and lemon oregano vinaigrette. *gluten free

    $9 –