The Weekly Menu

  • Garlic Shrimp

    with cherry tomatoes & broccoli, yellow rice with olives & capers  *gluten free

    $15 –
  • Chicken Tarragon Salad

    with hearts of palm, artichokes, capers, celery & a light tarragon dressing over greens with tomato & cucumber. *gluten free

    $14 –
  • Balsamic & Rosemary Grilled Flank Steak

    with homemade steak sauce, red potato salad with hard cooked egg, green beans, beefsteak tomato, blue cheese, red onion and mustard vinaigrette. *can be made without the cheese. *gluten free

    $15 –
  • Mini Bowtie Pasta

    with zucchini, asparagus, tomato and almond parmesan pesto.

    $14 –
  • Broiled Swordfish with Puttanesca Relish

    (charred peppers, tomato, onion, garlic, capers, olives & hot pepper), baby green beans & zucchini with lemon zest, basil & garlic *can be made without the hot pepper.*gluten free

    $16 –
  • Cuban Style Black Bean

    with Chorizo. *can be made without the chorizo

    $10 –
  • Classic Caesar with Ciabatta Croutons

    *gluten free without the croutons

    $9 –